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Quest-Tec Solutions Offers a Complete Line of Magne-Trac Liquid Level Indicator


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Quest-Tec Solutions, a Texas-based company that specializes in the development and engineering of the liquid level gage and valve product lines, offers a complete list of magnetic liquid level indicators that are under its Magne-Trac line of products.

Quest-Tec Solutions takes pride in manufacturing innovative flag design that maximizes magnetic field with wide flags for enhanced indicator view, impact resistant polycarbonate indicator window, and corrosion resistant moving parts. In addition, all its products are fabricated to ASME 31.1/31.3 standards.

“At Quest-Tec Solutions, we carry a full line of magnetic level gauges and magnetic level indicators. These products have been consistently refined and improved to remain one of the industry leaders in liquid level measurement,” the head of the company shares. “Quest-Tech Solutions provides companies with flexible solutions to specific needs rather than adapting existing products to meet presented circumstances. As a leader in liquid level measurement innovation, we will continue to offer the quality and performance customers expect,”

There are three major components of a Magne-Trac liquid level indicator that Quest-Tec Solutions offers, namely the chamber, float, and indicator. Magne-Trac chambers are constructed using any non-magnetic material, including austenitic stainless steel, alloys such as Alloy 20, and plastics. They are typically mounted to the side of the vessel with an inlet and outlet that will allow the liquid level in the chamber to match the liquid level in the vessel. Magne-Trac chambers are constructed in full compliance to ASME 31.1 and 31.3, and utilize flange end closures for float access.

Magne-Trac floats are constructed with thin wall, deep drawn 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium. Each float is custom engineered for a specific application and operating process variables. The float houses a magnet array, designed to project a magnetic field through the chamber and to an externally mounted indicator assembly.

Finally, the Magne-Trac indicators consist of anodized aluminum housing, rotating flags, and a clear cover. They are constructed with a UV scratch resistant polycarbonate window as standard, eliminating nuisance breakage of glass and allowing a high integrity fit. The flags are a wide 1.4-inch to enhance viewing.

In addition to the Magne-Trac liquid level indicators, Quest-Tec Solutions also offers other level gauges and valves, including Glass-Trac, Steam-Trac, and Level-Trac level indicators and gauges.

“When choosing your liquid level measurement solution provider, why not choose the best? The symmetry of a field tested, time proven product coupled with the energy of new management has positioned Quest-Tec Solutions to be best suited to assist you in solving your liquid level measurement challenges,” he concludes.

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