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Quick Lunch Hour Reads New Tweet Service Helps Reduce Work-Related Stress

Fiction readers are better friends, parents and lovers for a couple of reasons. However the major benefit of reading fiction is in the fact that it reduces stress almost instantly. #qlhr Digital Short Reads @XicasBlog


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Reading for pleasure reduces stress faster than listening to music or exercising, and why not? Reading for pleasure enables the reader to escape the world of reality and dive into a fictional character's life for fun and entertainment.

The work-related problems, stress from the job, the last meeting and upcoming deadlines can increase anyone's blood pressure. Just as reading for pleasure can almost instantly reduce stress in its tracks. The key is developing the ability to concentrate on the book you're reading.

People who read all the time, can move from the existing world to the make-believe world within seconds. The good news is when the reader returns to the work-related tasks, he/she has renewed energy, new ideas and often times can perform better on the job.

"This is why Quick Lunch Hour Reads #qlhr tweets was created," says Sandy Ingram, publisher of "The top-of the line book recommendation services, which millions of fiction readers rely on each day for free and low cost book deals, won't accept short reads. No matter how good a book is, if it doesn't have a certain page count, the major book promo sites won't inform their readers."

Readers can Follow Digital Short Reads @xicasblog and gain access to several free and deep discounted short reads each day. These eBooks can be downloaded to mobile devices, laptops or desktops using Kindle's Free App.

Research has shown over and over that people who read fiction make better friends and lovers. This mostly has to do with their high level of empathy. Fiction readers meet new characters all the time in books. Part of being a good reader is staying with the main character until his/her problem is resolved. Over time, the empathy readers feel for the main characters, begins to spill over into their personal lives.

We don't need to say much about fiction readers being better lovers, the category of fiction is filled with romance, or not. Mystery is one of the top short read demands. Not all readers are looking for a 700 page novel or a detailed love scene. #qlhr provides mystery lovers and light-romance book lovers with short read options each day.

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