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Quick Portable Toilets Encourages Porta Potty Companies to Take Note from President's Inaugural


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Recently, there was a lot of complain against the miscalculations of porta potties during the President’s inauguration. When the inauguration took place for the first time back in 2009, the number of porta potties used was over 7000 units. This year, however, the number of the sanitary trailer units was slashed to only about 1500 units. This raised a lot of eyebrows against the Obama administration.

Thanks to the publicity of a man, the miscalculations were fixed just at the nick of time. The number of the porta potties were increased to a considerable number making it possible for an amicable outdoor inaugural event. The Livonia portable toilets Company called the Quick Portable Toilets has also played a very important role in the fixing of this social suicide by the Obama administration. The professional consultancy at the Quick Portable Toilets Company knows just exactly how much porta potties any social event would need.

Quick Portable Toilets consultancy understands that it is not just the number of people or the kind of occasion that will determine how many porta potties you will need. Like the inaugural incident, the consultancy also takes into account important factors like the weather, the kind of occasion, the place, and many more. Quick Portable Toilets consultancy believes that the need for sanitary facilities will be more during the summer season when it is hot and people drink a lot of water or any liquid to keep them cool.

Even though the number guests is the same, the need for porta potties will be less during the winter as people have a less tendency to use the toilet when it is cold. The need to drink a lot of water to keep the body cool is also less during the cold seasons. It has been estimated that the Quick Portable Toilets consultancy calculations are almost always accurate when it comes to estimating the number of porta potties an event needs. To acquire other details on portable toilets Livonia MI please head to

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