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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers New hCG Diet Plans Now Found to Help Reduce the Incidence of Painful Gallbladder Attacks During Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s customized hCG diet plans offer a healthy balance of nutrient-rich food choices to balance the digestive system while promoting quick weight loss, leading to improved digestion and painful gallbladder attack relief.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- The gallbladder helps with the body’s digestion by storing and releasing bile. This small, pear-shaped organ is positioned beneath the liver. Consistently consuming fatty foods leads to a buildup of cholesterol, causing the body to produce excess bile which accumulates in the gallbladder. This excess bile can lead to the gallstones, clusters of solid material, forming in the gallbladder resulting in painful ducts of the gallbladder, generating a stabbing pain beginning below the rib cage and radiating to the mid back, the shoulders and is sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Gallstones can range from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a golf ball. Painful gallbladder attacks can last for minutes to hours, many times requiring surgical removal of the gallbladder. Those that maintain a healthy weight by consuming a sensible diet are less likely to develop gallstones or to experience painful gallbladder attacks.

The professionals at Diet Doc are consistently searching for innovative approaches to help Americans maintain healthy organ function by losing excess weight. The company recognizes that each patient metabolizes food differently. By personalizing each patient’s diet experience and customizing hCG diet plans to be compatible on this personal level, Diet Doc has become the nation’s leader in medically guided quick weight loss programs and has been successful in helping thousands improve the functionality of their organs by achieving weight loss goals, as well as managing a healthy long term weight.

Subsequent to a medical evaluation and doctor consult, qualified patients will receive pure prescription hCG diet plans that are created specifically for the needs of their personal body. These hCG diet plans are plentiful in healthy, nutritious, nutrient rich food choices and allow the patient to consume up to 1250 calories per day in some cases. By incorporating a wide range of delicious foods to the menu, with prescription hCG which naturally suppresses appetite, the patient’s hunger is satisfied while the noticeable quick weight loss motivates the patient to continue to follow the protocol.

Qualified patients will be administered 100% pure prescription hCG hormone that, when paired with the tailor made hCG diet plans, has the ability to promote the safest and most quick weight loss available on today’s market. hCG, a hormone that is produced naturally in the placenta of pregnant women, is available to patients in three convenient varieties. While the most preferred method of hCG delivery is painless injectable solution, some patients may prefer sublingual hCG tablets or oral hCG drops. This powerful combination targets fat stores in the body, which typically accumulates in the most stubborn areas, such as the belly, underarms, hips and thighs, and forces the release of this stored fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy. The result is natural, safe and quick weight loss with patients reporting a higher level of energy, looking better and feeling more confident than ever before. Diet Doc’s pprescription hCG diet plans help patients over initial weight loss hurdles, while combining these treatments with education on how to hCG diet lose weight fast and safely, as well as how to maintain long term weight goals according to each patient’s particular body type.

Because the company’s focus is not only quick weight loss, but the safest weight loss alternative available, all prescription products are manufactured in the U.S. in FDA approved pharmacies. Diet Doc’s prescription hCG is refined to a simple glycoprotein and is not synthetic or homeopathic, it is not a metabolic steroid or a new growth hormone. Prescription hCG is not a stimulant and does not produce nervous or jittery side effects. It simply tells the body to release its fat stores in the areas most prone to fat collection like underarms, belly, and thighs.

Diet Doc offers a service unparalleled by competitors, available to dieters across the country, delivering a consistent effective hCG diet plan directly to patients' doors. The company's in-house medical weight loss experts guide every patient through their personal health journey by altering hCG diet plans if results begin to taper. With the use of Skype, patients in even the most remote areas of the country have the opportunity to change their lives, avoid the risk of painful gallbladder attacks and reduce the severity of many pre-existing conditions with healthy and quick weight loss.

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