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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Newly published research from the United Kingdom explored the relationship between weight loss, emotional well-being and health related quality of life in patients considered to be obese. In the study, significant decrease in weight was found to have meaningfully improved the health related quality of life for those patients. Diet Doc’s new hCG diets offer patients safe and quick weight loss, nutrition education and a long-term lifestyle switch to help patients achieve increased quality of life. Patients not only achieve their weight loss goals, but also learn how to choose healthy foods and foods that allow them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diet Doc hCG diets provide continuous support and guidance throughout the quick weight loss process to help patients make permanent changes in their lives, increasing their health related quality of life.

The new study recently published in the Journal of Health Psychology examined a population of obese patients to determine the relationship between weight loss, depression and a meaningful improvement in health related quality of life. Researchers with the University of Glasgow and Glasgow & Clyde Weight Management Service in the United Kingdom studied a group of one hundred and ninety-nine adults between the ages of twenty and eighty-eight with a body mass index of between thirty and thirty-five. The results demonstrated a meaningful improvement in health related quality of life when patients experienced a decrease in weight of five kilograms, approximately eleven pounds, or more in weight. At the same time, with those patients who lost between 0.1 and 4.9 kilograms, or .22 pounds and 10.8 pounds, respectively, a meaningful improvement in health related quality of life was accounted for by a positive change in mood, signified by reduced depression. Diet Doc’s hCG diets can help patients reach their quick weight loss goals through a physician designed and monitored weight reduction program adaptable for almost?any person or health concern.

To help patients lose weight fast, hCG diets use a naturally occurring hormone that targets stubborn fat buildup in hard to reach areas like the stomach and thighs. This hormone, hCG was isolated by Endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950s and functions as a potent appetite suppressant when taken for quick weight loss. Doctors with Diet Doc have expertly modified the research from the 1950s, using today’s advanced science and technology to create the most safe and effective version of the powerful hCG diet.

Coupling the hCG hormone with a low-calorie diet allows the body to remove unnecessary and embarrassing fat supplies. Especially created for each patient considering age, gender, health history and lifestyle, Diet Doc’s hCG diets allow patients to lose weight safely and rapidly. The goal of hCG diets is not only quick weight loss; it is also to develop lifelong healthy eating habits, to create a healthy lifestyle and improve every patient’s health related quality of life.

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