QuickBooks Cheque Retailer Print & Cheques Now Inc Offers Business Cheques at 25% Less Than Davis & Henderson


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2013 -- QuickBooks cheques retailer, Print & Cheques Now Inc has done it again. The company has announced a 25-50 percent discount on the cheque costs including manual cheques and computer cheques like those used for QuickBooks, Peachtree cheques and Simply Accounting or Sage 50 Cheques. The offer is available on all orders. Customs will receive a bonus of 25% more cheques or 50% more cheques Free on every order they place with

The discounts are available on different kinds of computer cheques Top Cheques, Middle Cheques, Bottom Cheques, Blank Cheques and Custom Color Cheques. Quickbooks cheques can also be purchases with Self Seal Double Window Envelopes, Deposit Slips/Deposit Books and Self Inking Stamps. Sales Manager, Jon Gilchrist, commented, “Our goal is to reduce the cheque costs for our customers across Canada, while maintaining the highest levels of cheque security features that the bank supplier Davis + Henderson offers. This is why has taken all steps required to offer this standard discount available to all customers.” What is great is that offers these cheque savings to both its new and older repeat customers.

The challenging task of providing great discounts while maintaining ultra high security cheques features has been achieved by the cost cutting exercise that took place internally at the company. Financial experts, negotiators, logistics managers and procurers put heads together to arrive at the various specific cost sub headings that could be looked at and reduced. After the identification process was completed, suppliers were contacted for another round of negotiations.

With the updated website layout, expects to attract a larger number of new customers into the fold with this offer. It is also expected that once the customers visit the site for the manual or QuickBooks cheques, a sneak preview of the other categories that the company has to offer is inevitable.

While the company started with a few categories, it has expanded into a complete online business printing Solutions Company. Not only does the company have business cheques on offer, it also has a large variety of Envelopes, Stationary Items and Business Forms, required by different types of companies.

The combined effect of large discounts and special offers on QuickBooks cheques(the most popular computer cheque accounting software used across industries) and the changed website seems to have brought in larger revenues for the company, according to an inside source. See what they offer at

The standard turn around time in Canada is 8-10 business days, but they also offer many Rush Shipping and Delivery options with Next Day Cheque Delivery possible to most of the country.

Customer service has also been improved at Three new customer relations personnel have been added over the last 12 months with Print and Cheques Now’s effort to answer every incoming call. Current customers also have the option of re-ordering cheques using the new redesigned reorder form included with every cheque order.

Overall, Print and Cheques Now Inc seems to be on track to provide its customers with a high level of Service, Discount Prices and Bank Level cheque security products.

Get more information about Print and Cheques Now offers and new launches on QuickBooks cheques at or call the company at 1-866-760-2661.

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