QuickBooks' Edge over SAP Business One Includes Seamless Third Party Integrations and an Easy-to-Use Interface


Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2019 -- SAP was founded in 1972 by five German engineers that worked for IBM in Germany. The name was derived from the abbreviation for Systemanalyse und Programmenentwicklung which means systems analysis and program development in German.

SAP struggled in the 1970s to sell the concept of a completely integrated software product but by the 1990's, SAP had advanced quite a bit from being known as a start-up program to the vendor of choice for nine of the ten largest U.S. corporations.

In 2001, SAP purchased TopTier Software, an Israeli company specializing in portals, and it was only after this acquisition that the product was rebranded as SAP Business One and introduced to the U.S. market in 2003.

Today SAP Business One or SAP B1 is profoundly known as an accounting solution that works for small and mid-sized companies that looks after financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, purchasing, light manufacturing, project tracking, planning and reporting of organizations - that is built on Microsoft SQL Server Database.

Despite its success, users have complained that the implementation of the SAP dashboard is complicated. Additionally,one does not have a choice of picking the modules or functionalities and only have the option of opting out of the CRM function.

Payroll is also not a part of the SAP Business One solution, and this needs to be purchased from a third party. The process integration then has to be continuously maintained between the two products.

QuickBooks is the world's most popular accounting package there is today with more than 4.5 million users. This is mostly because QuickBooks' user interface is incredibly user-friendly, and does not require any professional expertise to use. Also, on a scale from 1 to 10, users were likely to recommend QuickBooks 9 times out of 10 as opposed to SAP's 8 out of 10 – in terms of usability, performance and support.

QuickBooks's edge over most other leading accounting software is its ability to easily integrate with other programs, a number of ready-to-use templates to create invoices, spreadsheets, charts and business plans, as well as a program that is constantly evolving and improving.

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