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QuickLens Is Currently Offering Discounts on Disposable & Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses Online

QuickLens is offering disposable and prescription coloured contact lenses on their site.


Christchurch, NZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- QuickLens is the leading provider of affordable disposable and prescription coloured contact lenses online. Individuals can place their order anytime they like through the QuickLens website. Once the order has been placed, the individual will receive an email containing information about the order status. Quicklens is the place to go in order to buy cheap contact lenses.

QuickLens offers the following brands on their site:

- Acuvue
- Focus
- FreshLook
- SoftLens
- BioMedics
- MaxiEyes

QuickLens makes finding the best cheap colour contact lenses and prescription coloured contacts easy to do. Individuals can also find daily disposable contact lenses here. Individuals who require contact lenses like to make their orders through QuickLens, because of the discounts, fast service and high quality lens they get. QuickLens offers a wide selection of excellent lenses. This is the leading provider of prescription contacts in New Zealand.

Some of the popular colors individuals can choose from include: hazel, black, brown, rain daily, heaven daily and elegant black. The lens will instantly transform the eye color when inserted into the eye and individuals who wear them won’t even be able to tell they are there. They look so real that individuals will actually think the wearer has green eyes, when they really have blue eyes. The lens will naturally enhance the color and size of the eye, without causing any problems.

The lenses are made with a new micro encapsulation technology, which enclose the colour drops. They are made out of the best material so that they do not irritate the eyes. They will reduce blur, halos and glare and will even help the wearer see better in low-light situations.

About QuickLens
QuickLens is the leading provider of discount contacts in New Zealand. They offer name brands such as MaxieEyes, BioMedics, Focus and Acuvue.