QuickReverseCell Offers Reverse Search Cellphone: Emerging Identity Services Provider Rolls out Inexpensive Service


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 --, an emerging web-based service specializing in providing online identity searches, has announced a new service to search identities of people using cellphone numbers. With an affordable pricing and unlimited database access plans, the company expects their services to be suitable both for individuals and businesses, thereby touching upon both the B2C and C2C consumer spaces. The new business vertical is expected to add more than 50% to their current revenue base, as per the company spokesperson., an online service that has recently carved its niche in providing identity as an online service, has announced the rollout of a new service intended to search identities using cellphone numbers as their lookup key. In an announcement made earlier today, the company further announced an option for their clients to carry out an unlimited search both from the Internet as well as from their mobile phones at a flat rate of $1. With an enhanced identity database federated across the multiple identity services offered by the company, the company expects a hit ratio of more than 98% on a per-search success rate basis.

“We are glad to announce that we have finally completed the much-awaited integration of our identity provision services with the high demand reverse cellphone lookup service”. “The new service leverages our existing identity databases and also federates with some other major players in the space of identity management. Reverse cell phone search was one of our most-demanded features from our existing customers. With an industry leading price point of $1 for unlimited mobile and online searches for both our B2C and C2C customers, we now boast of pricing plans that are more competitive than any other player in this space. Add our excellence in customer service, and our service becomes one of the most delightful ones to be around.”

Key Benefits of a Reverse Phone Number Tracker:

- Find a phone number owner's name and address

- Trace a suspicious number

- Find out who your kids are calling

- Stop unwanted prank calls

- Find out who keeps calling your partner

- Verify your phone bill

- View satellite images of a phone owners last known address

- Get free criminal background checks on the caller

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The announcement comes at a time when the economy is in a crisis, and many companies in the identity management space are finding it difficult to attract and sustain clients. The company believes that the pricing structure will convert a number of potential customers into actual buyers, as well as make repeat buying easier and economically more viable. Also, the addition of the federated identity database will improve the reverse phone search quality significantly. The hit ratio, which denotes the number of successful searches given a number of search activities, has been more than 98% in the trial periods and beta tests carried out by the company.

“We are confident in the quality of our database, and believe that we shall be able to maintain a hit ratio of more than 98% for both the B2C and C2C segments in the longer run”. The total volume increase of business for the company, including existing customers signing up for this new service as well as the new service attracting new customers, will lead to a bottom line enhancement of more than 50%. Industry analysts have also greeted the entry of into the space of reverse cellphone lookup service on a positive note, viewing this as a smart cross-sale move by the marketing department of the organization, as reported by the company spokesperson.

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