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QuikDrawers Announces Options for Renewing Worn-out Old Drawers

Replacing worn-out or malfunctioning drawers is far more economical than installing entire new cabinet sets, reports QuickDrawers


Nederland, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2014 -- There are plenty of ads for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but they typically ignore a related feature that is just as important: the drawers. In many cases, it's the drawers rather than the cabinet doors that first show the wear that comes from years of use. This is especially true for drawer styles that don't include handles. This style forces the user to directly touch the front of the drawer with each use, and on top of that, tends to direct the pulling force through the door at an angle. The end result is drawers that mechanically wear out as they lose their finish.

"The easiest way to fix a problem with kitchen and bathroom drawers is simply to replace them with premade drawers. This is surprisingly economical because only the front panel needs to have a specific appearance. The inside of our drawer is typically finished, and is made of a high quality, affordable material like the front. In most cases, it's possible to upgrade in a snap with new drawers," said Keith Barker of QuikDrawers, a producer of drawers, pullout cabinet shelves, and drawer parts.

In some cases, there isn't even a need to get entire new drawers. When the problem is purely cosmetic, putting on new drawer fronts will beautify the room while leaving the still-good parts of the old drawers intact. At other times, a problem like a leaky faucet may result in damage to the main part of the drawer. This part, the drawer box, can also be purchased separately. Trouble with a drawer's ability to slide often isn't the fault of the box, but of the rails it is meant to slide on. Therefore, slides are also separately available.

"Even so, there are some drawers that don't match the standard proportions. Those are no trouble for our company. We make custom drawers and drawer parts, so all sizes can be matched," Barker said.

Even though it's possible to make the hidden parts of drawers out of cheap materials like particle board, most custom shops prefer to use stronger materials. This is especially important for replacement kitchen drawers, which can be subject to tough conditions like wetness and heavy weight inside the drawer box.

"We always make sure to use top-quality materials," Barker said. "This ensures that our drawers and parts are good and solid, so they'll last for years without any structural problems. Our drawer finishes are also high-quality, so all it takes to keep them looking good is the normal type of care needed for the finish type."

About QuikDrawers
QuickDrawers is a producer of both pre-made and custom drawers and drawer parts. It also makes cabinet doors, front face frames, and trim. All of these products make it easy to upgrade a room's drawers and the appearance of its cabinets without the need to get full cabinet and door replacement.