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Quiver Hosting Reveals the Best of the Top Nine Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Having reviewed each individually, Quiver Reviews have collated their data to create a cross-comparison and reveal the best hosting provider for small businesses for the year ahead.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- When running a small business, often the first thing individuals think of is setting up their website to enable them to hook in organic search traffic and begin competing for authority and brand recognition in their niche. However, choosing a reliable and high quality hosting service is paramount in getting a high speed and consistent web experience for users, which can make the difference between closing and losing sales. Quiver Hosting has reviewed nine of the Best Website Hosting Providers and have boiled these down to the best four for a cross-comparison that reveals the ultimate winner.

Of the nine Hosting Reviews the home page plays host to the top four after an initial round of elimination. Of these four, each is the winner in a particular category of service, but no clear out and out winner is established without comparing performance on an exhaustive list of factors which are displayed in table format so readers can clearly make out the differences.

Each of the top four also has a link to a full review of that service on its individual merits so users who have decided which they think is best for them can look into the provider in depth to ensure they have made the right decision before committing. Every provider is also furnished with a direct link so that users can act on their decisions immediately.

A spokesperson for Quiver Hosting explained, “The meta-review we have created is based on a detailed cross comparison of four factors: uptime, unique features, customer support and value for money. This allows us to look at the things most important to small business users and see how each of the nine performs in comparison to the others, establishing winners in individual attributes so that readers can choose according to their priorities and an overall winner for those looking for the best full-spectrum service available.”

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Quiver Hosting is a website hosting review site that reviews hosting from a small business point of view. The site reviews the best hosts taking four points into consideration before making a cross comparison of the 9 best hosting services currently available. In addition, the site has also collected feedback and reviews from readers in the comments section of reviews to give businesses a heads up into real customer experiences. For more information please visit: http://www.quiverhosting.com/