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Quotes Auto Insurance Offer New Glossary to Jargon-Bust Complex Policies


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Getting car insurance online is now a preference for a majority of car owners, as the ability to compare prices online has led to a much more competitive environment in which online-only special offers can be taken advantage of to find low quotes on a level that can’t be found in the high street. Quotes Auto Insurance is one such provider, and has recently announced a glossary on their website to help users cut through the complex small print to make sure there are no nasty surprises.

The site offers a zip-code based search function that quickly finds the best offers and deals from local insurers before allowing users to enter more details to receive a full quote from their preferred choices. It also offers advice on getting cheap rates on their blog, offering advice on driving habits and simple safety features that can lower premiums significantly.

Along with an FAQ which addresses many questions that have been sent to the site by users, Quotes Auto Insurance has recently launched a glossary of terms replete with plain English definitions to help users parse through the fine print without being overwhelmed by the jargon, leading to a more accurate picture of what exactly is included in a deal.

A spokesperson for the site explained the move, “The number of insurers that successfully provide cover has skyrocketed since the internet has become one of the biggest platforms for policy buyers to reach and decide on their insurer. This has muddied the waters further in an already highly complex and competitive market. In order to make deals seem attractive, special offers are often explained in plain English while the specific, binding terms of the policy (which may hide shortcomings) are often filled with jargon and industry specific terminology that our users would have no reason to be familiar with. Our glossary of terms illuminates our users on what these terms mean and what their implications are, so there should be no surprises once a policy has been committed to.”

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