Joe Bragg Launch Website to Make Use of Broker Expertize


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- In the age of the internet, the car insurance market has been revolutionized. It used to be the case that consumers would get their insurance premiums from a local broker and have to trust that they were getting the best deal. Now, nationwide companies compete to give the lowest rates so that consumers will flock to them, and the brokers are losing control.

Two former brokers have defected to the side of the consumer in this digital revolution and started their own website at Quotes Auto, designed to use their years of experience in the field ferreting out the best deals for their customers to brief individuals on what to look for and how to make great savings.

The website features an introduction to the general topic and a manifesto of sorts as the brokers set out their stall to help consumers by sharing their insight. They then go on to do this in a variety of ways- the menu sports a blog, an FAQ, a Glossary of key terms, and a list of car insurance companies.

The homepage also hosts a fast-quote tool where consumers can find the best quote in their local area using a speedy and easy to use web application.

The blog hosts a range of high quality original articles designed to educate and inform consumers entering the marketplace to ensure the get the best deals available, including topics such as the typical insurance process from start to finish, key differences between business and personal policies, and the impact of ‘car surfing’ on teen insurance costs.

One of the spokesmen for the site and former broker himself explained the launch, “Comparison shopping is getting popular among consumers especially with the help of internet. Only time will show how the brokers will stand up to the tests of time. One thing is sure: they will have to pay a lot more attention. Those days of having full control over the client are gone. Now they can get the best deals for themselves, people will not hang on to every word an insurance agent tells anymore”

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