QuWave Harmonizer Helping People Attain High Levels of Wellness

The best selling product from QuWave - The 'QuWave Harmonizer' is helping people attain high levels of wellness. Under the influence, the body is able to function in an optimized manner, while reducing the negative effects including stress and lifestyle pressure among others. Five different versions of the same are available and can be bought as per the preferences and requirements.


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- QuWave Harmonizer, one of the best selling products from the well-known organization, QuWave is helping people attain high levels of wellness. As per the sources, the product emits special waves that resonate with those of earth's natural frequency thereby helping body perform routine functions in a natural and optimized manner. In addition, the frequency plays a vital part in preventing the negative effects of physical stress, EMF's and pressure of today's lifestyle among others.

Thousands of satisfied users and research and development lasting over 10 years back the product. The same comes with a small battery and can be worn like a pendant or carried in a purse or pocket.

As many as five different versions of the same are available on the company's website. These include Personal Harmonizer for carrying around, Table Top Harmonizer for placing over a table or under the bed, Room Harmonizer with range covering the entire room, computer/ TV USB Harmonizer to negate the effect of EMF radiations generated by them and Car/ Truck Harmonizer to protect from vehicle's magnetic field.

The products are available in black and white colors and come with a 10-day money back guarantee. Purchase can be made from the company's website and payment options include PayPal, Credit card and Google Wallet.

About QuWave
QuWave is a renowned organization producing unique products that help prevent the negative effects of EMF radiations while understanding one's inner self in a better way. The products have a number of positive effects on the body and mind. The company produces four kinds of products that are based on scalar waves, Schuman resonance, orgone energy and solfeggio frequencies among others.

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