QuWave Introduces the QuWave Divine

QuWave today announced the launch of their new product - The QuWave Divine. The product generates Solfeggio Frequencies combined with Scalar Waves to stimulate the brain’s Spiritual and Psychic Centers. It stimulates the Pineal Gland to open the mystical Third Eye allowing one to have a deeper understanding of inner self. Questions well beyond the scope of science can be understood and answered by harnessing its power.


Ledgewood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- QuWave, the renowned organization that bought forth the importance and impact of solar waves and solfeggio frequencies, today introduced a new product - The 'QuWave Divine.' The product would help the users to connect with inner self by activating the spiritual centre and experiencing the same state in a matter of a few days that yogis feel after years of meditation.

According to the sources, the use of product can help in activating the brain's spiritual centre, opening the third eye, experiencing the spiritual sight, opening the doors to alternative universe, opening paranormal and astrological connection, awakening intuition, achieving a greater scene of balance and inviting divine synchronization in daily life among others. In addition, the product also helps understand the answers to the questions that are well beyond the scope of science and get knowledge of the events that would occur in the times to come.

Speaking on the occasion, a spokesman of the company said, "We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest offering - The QuWave Divine that would help us go beyond the five senses and understand things in a better way. The users would be able to tap their unlimited divine, creative and supernatural power with ease."

QuWave is believed to deliver the same impact as the continuous exposure to sound waves with solfeggio frequencies; however, with the product, one does not need to hear the sound and the frequencies are beamed directly into the brain. The result is a stress free life with better protection against illness.

The product can be bought from the company's website and is priced at $297. One can also buy a tabletop version of the same at $499.

About QuWave
QuWave is a renowned organization producing unique products that help prevent the negative effects of EMF radiations while understanding one's inner self in a better way. The products have a number of positive effects on the body and mind. The company produces four kinds of products that are based on scalar waves, Schuman resonance, orgone energy and solfeggio frequencies among others.

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