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R3 Data Recovery Launches Free RAID Drive Data Recovery Telephone Consultation

R3 Data Recovery are offering a new market leading RAID Drive data recovery solution with a free telephone consultation, capable of recovering data on RAID arrays by all major manufacturers.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- The RAID array was once considered the next generation in memory technology. Instead of using a disc based rewritable drive such as the common hard drive, which is limited by write speeds and deterioration over time, the RAID array uses solid state memory similar to that found in SD cards, capable of much faster transfer speeds with little to know deterioration. However advantageous they may have proved in the years since their launch, they have also revealed their vulnerability, and businesses often face crisis when a RAID drive or RAID array collapses, taking crucial data with it.

R3 Data Recovery are now offering a unique, state of the art RAID recovery service from the largest and best qualified data recovery and disaster prevention team in the UK market now with a free telephone consultation prior to commencement of the work.

Their methods are capable of extracting data from failed and degraded RAID arrays, RAID 5 set ups with two or more failed members, accidentally initialized arrays, controller failures, botched rebuild attempts and more.

This is especially startling because they can do all of this on-site, without individuals having to uproot their server space, and can even be achieved remotely in emergencies. R3 understand their offering is so cutting edge that not all businesses may understand how it’s possible, and as such, they offer a free telephone consultation to discuss the process before they commit.

A spokesperson for R3 Data Recovery explained, “The RAID offers many advantages but many people saw a giant leap when in fact it was a small step. The difference is that until now, hard drive data recovery was relatively advanced where RAID recovery was new territory. We are pioneers to that new territory and have brought the same industry leading standards visible in all our other service provisions to this latest technological breakthrough. We offer a free telephone consultation to explain to companies how it works and what to expect, but the results speak for themselves.”

About R3 Data Recovery
R3 Data Recovery Ltd operate at the leading edge of data recovery technology, providing data recovery services as well as data recovery software for the retrieval of data from the comfort of clients’ own homes. The company can recover lost data from hard drives, RAID arrays, Flash Memory devices like USB Memory Sticks, SD Cards and SSD hard drives. Their clean room lab facilities are beyond compare, reaching a class leading ISO 3 standard.

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