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Rabbit Surveys Launches Code of Fair Practice for IVR Surveying


Wales, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Wales based IVR Survey specialists Rabbit Surveys seeks to clean up service provision to businesses using IVR Surveys. Its new Code aims to end unfair charging practices and to improve the pre-launch testing of IVR services.

Practice Leader Michael Allen designed the Code because he felt call centre IVR customers were being unfairly treated.

The IVR Survey Code of Conduct covers three main areas:

1. Charging practices
2. Survey testing processes
3. Customer Support

Firstly on charging practices Allen states "clients are too often being charged for services they do not use, most clients spend 40 percent of their budget on thin air. It is time to stop use it or lose it practices"

Expect No charges for

1. Unused survey quota
2. Transcriptions on survey responses without open ended feedback
3. Recording studio time
4. Survey redesigns
5. The end of the “Use it or Lose It” pricing model

The second area the Code of Practice is pre survey launch testing. Michael Allen says "IVR survey testing is very primitive compared with typical market research surveys. The process is dominated by the lead time and cost of the voice recordings and this works against the interest of the customer in terms of building the best survey in terms of feedback quality and participation rates."

The IVR Survey Code of Conduct expects testing to cover

1. Survey structure testing (written form)
2. Participation testing
3. Live trial testing with 10+ respondents (voiced)
4. Agent user feedback
5. Tests done quickly in days not weeks
6. Market Research Society/ESOMAR Compliance

The third and final area the IVR Survey Code of Conduct covers is customer support Allen has this to say "too often customer support is based around pushing the client onto a technology they may not need, setting up one survey for the year and pushing account management into an automated ticketed or even text chat support process. This is not good enough, simply not!"

The Code expects your service to

1. Be served by qualified market researchers
2. Be built around the client not the technology
3. Contain technology that saves you time, not pressurises you.
4. Simplifies your daily routine
5. Be as basic or as sophisticated as the client needs it to be
6. Be based on human account management you can call and trust.

For more information on the Code of Coduct please contact

About Rabbit Surveys
Rabbit Surveys is a dedicated IVR Surveying business based in Wrexham and London UK. The business has provided IVR surveys for major organisations including eBay, Boots UK and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Services cover inbound customer experiences measurement, customer effort monitoring, First Contact Resolution surveys, NPS scoring and other voice of the customer measurement.

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Practice Leader
Rabbit Surveys
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