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Introducing the Critter Catcher - Animal Traps for Small Critters

A Humane way to catch and relocate small animals from feasting off your garden.They simply walk in the bait box and the door closes behind them.


Altamont, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- Animal Traps. We are all bothered by those small little critters that want to tear up ones trash bags and live on lawns. Now there is a magnificent way to manage them. These are animal traps that are 22x25x10 and are just perfect for trapping squirrels, raccoons and other animals that are a big nuisance to the homeowner.

The homeowner or property owner can place food inside of these traps for the little critters, and once they visit inside to chow down the door will close behind them. These traps are great for a homeowner or gardener because they will not harm the animal in any way. The animal once caught can then be transported to another area and released so they can be on their way. These are great trips and are very convenient to operate and handle. Just about anyone can set these traps and then empty them in the perfect location for the animals.

These are ideal to use around vegetable gardens and flowers gardens where the rabbits and other smaller animals will feast on the plants. They can be easily set up in no time. The little critter can be secured and ready to be taken somewhere far away from the garden and released.

These traps are wonderful because they can be placed on a lawn or around trash cans where the critters seem to be the most. Homeowners will love them because there is no messy clean up and these traps are very convenient and clean to use.

These traps can be built to be very sturdy and strong and can be used over and over again by homeowners and gardeners. They are great and also will not break the home budget when purchasing them. They can be handmade with the finest of products and hand assembled so that they will be sturdy and durable. Every one of these traps can be put together with care since they can be handmade and assembled. They will be the finest of quality out there when it comes to traps to catch small animals. All parts will work as they need to because they can be tested before can be shipped to the customer. These traps are good for all homeowners to have at least one of them. There is always a time when one of those critters is going to become a nuisance and will need to be relocated to a different area. These can be purchased online at fantastic and affordable prices.

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