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Race War: Powerful New Graphic Novel Shines Spotlight on Spiritual Warfare; Urging Christians to Work Together in Serving 'The Commander'

In a unique collaboration of authors and artists, ‘Race War’ uses a compelling graphic novel format to call Christians into action; not to fight, but to work together in unity for the collective good of their faith. This powerful and thought-provoking story is an allegory about spiritual warfare, where ‘The Commander’ and ‘The General’ have been in a long, protracted war. The General understands defeat is only days away until he comes up with a brilliant move, he attacks The Commander’s men from within.


Stockbridge, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- With global church attendance dwindling, and inter-Christian squabbles giving more people an excuse to not believe, many are working urgently to find ways to bring people into faith and keep them committed to God. Manic Repressive, a family-run Christian entertainment company, has come up with a wholly-unique solution – a Christian graphic novel that puts spiritual warfare under the spotlight in a way never seen before.


An allegory about spiritual warfare; in which a well-equipped, disciplined army is brought low by the madness of rival parasitic worms, as they take over their soldier hosts. Written by Davis Ketterer, Illustrated by Joe Ketterer, with additional paintings by Rob Richardson.

“We whisk readers off to an alien desert where ‘The Commander’ is fighting against ‘The General’. The Commander is naturally ahead of the game with a well-equipped Army willing to fight through the long haul. When The General realizes that he is ill-equipped and can’t win even on unfair terms, he orders his men to release parasitic worms into The Commander’s camp,” explains Joe Ketterer.

“The narrative takes place during the three months from the parasites’ initial release to the point when The Commander’s men are completely infected and have been driven crazy by the worms. The story is told from the perspective of three soldiers; Pvts. Young, Rasper and Baker.”

“As Christians, we’re supposed to be working together as one, rather than dividing ourselves through issues that can be resolved with some effort and understanding. Spiritual warfare is something we all go through whether we want to or not, and I hope our book shows how destructive not knowing this is. Readers should turn the final page with plenty to think about,” Ketterer adds.

‘Race War’, from Manic Repressive, is available now: http://amzn.to/1pwcXvN

For more information, visit the company’s official website: http://manicrepressive.com

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Manic Repressive is a family-run, Christian entertainment company, specializing in fun, thought-provoking, edifying fiction.

Currently they are focused on the production of graphic novels, children’s books and romance novels. The company endeavors to put out books that challenge believers and assist them in growing in spiritual maturity while enjoying what they read and put into their minds.