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Rad Glasses Provides Protection for Eyes with Their Signature Radiation Protection Glasses


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2020 -- Rad Glasses is a specialized eyewear brand that makes radiation protection glasses for all sizes and styles. An online store, Rad Glasses offers both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. All styles of eyewear provided by the brand come with specialized protection lenses and are available with single, bifocal and progressive type prescriptions. Rad Glasses frames are made with high-quality materials and each frame is quality tested to be extremely lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear.

Each pair of spectacles is designed to ensure that your view isn't distorted and contains specialized glasses to reduce the harmful effect of radiation and white light on your eyes. Co-operating with their parent company Ix Medical, Rad Glasses dedicates its time to innovate the eyewear industry and contribute to providing better spectacles to the masses.

A representative at the company had this to say, "Glasses have become a commonplace need in today's world. With the world going digital, the type of radiations that affect your eyes are greater. People's eyes are even more strained than they used to be and we at Rad Digitals are dedicated to ensuring that proper spectacles are provided to all the people who need it. With state-of-the-art technology at our hand, Rad Glasses has been developing specialized glasses to ensure that all kinds of radiation are stopped before they reach your eyes and the strain on your eyes is reduced."

Rad Glasses has a variety of radiation protection glasses for its customers with extremely competitive prices. The online store is well stocked with eyewear in a variety of colors, designs, and specifications to meet the needs of a client. Each dispatched pair of glasses is quality tested on various parameters before being supplied to customers. The testing is carried out by a team of experienced ophthalmologists. The glasses are assembled by certified opticians to ensure excellent fit and finish quality of your glasses.

Rad Glasses has a lineup of impressive high-quality products and creates excellent radiation protection glasses for everyone. With each passing day, they get better at what they do. Rad Glasses also offers a 30-day return policy to ensure that clients who are not satisfied can exchange their glasses within time.

About Rad Glasses
Rad Glasses is a subsidiary of the parent company Ix Medical, Inc. Ix Medical engineers and provides the highest quality radiation protection in the industry! Our radiation glasses are the best fitting and the most comfortable of any radiation glasses on the market. We are committed to providing the marketplace with the highest quality products.

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