Radiant Communications Corporation

Radiant Communications Corporation Celebrates Its 32nd Year Anniversary This January


South Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2017 -- Radiant Communications Corporation was founded 32 years ago on January 28th, 1985. The company's mission remains the same today as it was back then: to provide all of their customers with high-quality data, audio and video products while offering unparalleled customer service and support. The telecommunications equipment that they manufacture, including HD video encoders, is used across the globe by a variety of private and government institutions.

Radiant Communications Corporation experienced rapid growth from 1991 and on. Their products have been used in a variety of applications. Several major airports around the country, including the O'Hare Airport,the third largest transit hub in the country, have turned to Radiant Communications Corporation for telecommunications solutions. They have also worked with military organizations, Ivy League colleges and private companies. Even with such a wide base of clients, the company continues to manufacture all of its products in their South Plainfield, NJ location, allowing for a high degree of quality control.

A leader in developing and improving fiber optic products, Radiant Communications Corporation provides telecommunications solutions for transportation, government, security and broadcasting companies around the world. They have the knowledge and experience to tailor solutions for international customers, especially in Canada, Asia and South America.

With over three decades of experience, Radiant Communications Corporation has continued to develop and grow to improve their products and services for their customers. They are proud to offer 24/7 support for all of the products, including HD video encoding solutions. For more information about how Radiant Communications Corporation can meet the telecommunication needs of an organization, call 888-412-0124.

About Radiant Communications Corporation
Radiant Communications Corporation designs and manufactures products that transport data, audio, and video signals through Ethernet cables, fiber optics, and the Internet. Their systems are used throughout the world by a variety of television networks and telecommunication firms, as well as government and private institutes. Founded in 1985, they have created technology that has been used at the New York Stock Exchange, the 1998 Winter Olympics, and a variety of airports. Their staff works closely with the client in designing a product and provide technical support throughout its lifespan.

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