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Organic beauty product line for skin rejuvenation


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- Everyone wishes to look a few years younger than their actual age. There is no gender classification for this need which is proved by the increasing craze for anti-ageing products. Most anti-ageing products and Botox treatments although give results, leave the skin completely lifeless after continuous subjection to chemical treatments. Relying on organic treatments that are proven would not only aid in getting the desired results but also would have no side-effects.

Anais Lacerte, a medical esthetician has spent numerous years in analyzing the way the skin reacts to various treatments and the results. She has closely worked with physicians, dermatologists, cosmeticians, chemists and plastic surgeons to understand the various needs of skin treatments like skin correction, microdermabrasion, age reversing etc. From her extensive research on various organic products, she was able to launch http://www.im-fabulous.com which offers a host of products that are designed to make the skin look vibrant reverse the age, correct the skin through proven methods without causing any adverse affects in the long run. The line of beauty products that are available at im-fabulous.com are developed with a aim to help men and women find solutions to skin issues and also find a permanent solution to long-term skin ailments. Anais Lacerte also ensures to educate the customers as awareness program against harmful off-the shelf beauty products which can give instant results but prove to be hazardous in the long run.

I’m Fabulous products work from within the skin cells hence the results are long-lasting. The usage of organic and natural ingredients works well on the skin as it can be used by any skin type without having to worry about side-effects. These products exfoliate the skin leaving it radiant and ageless. The packaging used for I’m Fabulous products is absolutely organic and hence have longer shelf-life. Many customers who have used these products including celebrities have vouched for the effectiveness that these beautifying agents work. Some of the major benefits of opting for I’m Fabulous products is it reduces the skin burn marks, redness, wrinkles, spots, pigmentation and tones the skin. The shipment of these products is done worldwide. Check out the range of organic beauty products at http://www.im-fabulous.com and reach out to 800-381-4720 for any queries.