Churchill's Cabinets Launches Energy Efficient ReflectFlow System

By having specialised Reflective Foil Panels attached to the walls behind the radiator, you are in fact no longer paying for heating the wall. Cold air is “sucked” up through the lower vents and is warmed in a most efficient way before being re-distributed out of the top edge of the cabinet and back into the room.


Chertsey, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Churchill’s Cabinets, a leading manufacturer and distributor of radiator cabinets, has recently announced a technological innovation that is designed to improve the efficiency with which its products operate.

Operating solely in the UK, Churchill’s Cabinets is an industry leader in product innovation and functionality. Offering clients the opportunity to customise cabinets to their specific requirements, Churchill’s Cabinets is an online store specialising in the manufacture of quality radiator cabinets and grilles. Using only high grade woods and stylish finishes, Churchill’s Cabinets is renowned throughout the nation for producing and delivering quality products.

Traditionally, radiator cabinets were designed for the specific purpose of hiding unattractive radiators. Iron cast radiators were, and still are, viewed as an eyesore that can ruin the most attractive of interior designs. Based in Cheshire, Churchill Cabinets began experimenting with ways to minimise heat loss whilst maintaining all the aesthetic benefits of the traditional cabinet. Leading home design expert, David Hirst has branded the new cabinets as an “original solution to an age-old problem.”

The problem of heat loss is a common issue throughout the UK. “In these tough economic times, people are increasingly looking for ways to make savings in the home without compromising on design or style. These new cabinets allow for home-owners to combine both of these important factors,” said David Hirst. The ReflectFlow system uses specialised reflective foils which allow cold air to be sucked up through carefully situated vents. The cold air is then warmed and re-circulated around the room ensuring minimal heat loss.

Customers are delighted with this new energy efficient system with many expressing their delight. PD Aitch said, “the radiator cabinet has made an exceptional difference in the home.” Numerous other clients have also expressed their feelings to Churchill’s Cabinets, thanking them for not only the service but also for the functionality of the product
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