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Radio Agency's President Says "Marketers Would Be Foolish Not to Study Trump's Path to the Presidency" in New Article


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2016 -- Mark Lipsky, founder and president of a leading radio-only advertising agency, The Radio Agency, released an article on Thursday examining the marketing methodologies behind president-elect Trump's successful path to The White House. It discussed how similar tactics can be leveraged to create a successful radio marketing campaign.

"When a deeply-flawed public figure with no experience in politics is elected to lead the free world, you can bet it all boils down to one thing: phenomenal marketing tactics," said Lipsky.

First, Lipsky argues that it is imperative to stand out from the pack and turn perceived shortcomings into positives. "Make them believe that they need the outlier, then become that alternative voice," said Lipsky.

Step two is to hammer home a positioning statement. In Trump's case, that message was to "Make America Great Again!" Lipsky argues that many Americans already believed that America was "great," but after exposure to Trump saying otherwise "1,001" times, their positions changed. "Make them believe that something is missing, and that you're the only one who can fill the gap," said Lipsky.

His third point is to be confident. "Trump swatted away attacks like flies, and maintained that 'his way was the right way' time and time again," said Lipsky. "Over 59 million people bought into Trump's solution and that same methodology can be leveraged to succeed in your radio campaign."

Lipsky also urged companies to "convince the masses to follow. A successful campaign spends a lot of money convincing the buyer that he or she is missing something. Be the one who leads them to salvation."

Finally, Lipsky noted the importance of getting press. "Please don't use racism and sexual assault as your fuel, but a well-timed and well-executed activity sequence will go a long way in getting the media to pay attention to what you have to say, as we all saw happen with Trump."

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