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Radio Airplay for Indie Country Musicians

Indie musicians can connect with Nashville radio promoters, hit the Top 40 charts and be represented by the staff of an industry record label.


Norfolk, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- One of the most difficult challenges for a new Country Music artist is national radio airplay. Radio stations are big business, and they take their business seriously. For a program director to consider “spinning” a new song, they have to trust that the material is quality, up to standard with their current playlist. This standard is upheld through the use of an established network of trusted industry promoters, who have been traditionally utilized by the major record labels.

The music industry has changed somewhat, at least for one indie label known as Lure Records. Lure is a “label for hire” that creates a perfect opening for new talent to break their music over the national airwaves and compete with major stars on the Country Music industry’s main radio charts. Though they do screen new talent in much the same way as a traditional “A&R rep” does, they don’t typically reject the majority of submission due to label budget constraints. Why? Because they work with the artist directly to customize a promotional campaign and budget - the artist can then reach their goals by way of their own independent financing, at a fraction of what it would have ultimately cost through the offices of a traditional label.

So far, Lure Records and it’s artists have hit the Top 40, Top 20, and Top 10 regularly since the their debut release in 2008 (a #1 hit). They received a Top Five nomination for “True Country Label of the Year” by the Roots Music Association of America. Lure Records even has it’s own recording facility for artists that need a more professional production, song mix or master.

But, the biggest advantage for the Lure artist is the money to be made on the “back end.” Whereas a major label would take the profits for years before releasing the mere pittance in artist royalties, the Lure artist gets 100% of the profits and creative control right out of the gate. The artist contract is usually to promote a “hit song,” so that the artist can then move on to attract even bigger deals from other companies.

The folks at Lure Records saw a need and looked for a way to make access to national radio airplay happen for new, breakthrough indie artists. Knowing that music is a high-dollar business, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. But they have truly opened a door and established a new way to make it affordable and accessible for just about anyone with the talent and ambition that it takes to make it big. Lure Records