Radio Frequency Gel for Optimal RF and Bio-Lift Techniques Launched by Human Health Institute

Human Health Institute has officially launched its newest product, Radio Frequency Gel, for Optimal RF and Bio-Lift Techniques.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2013 -- Human Health Institute, a well-known informative company about Non-Surgical Body Contour, has officially launched their newest product “Radio Frequency Gel.” This product has an effective result for radio-frequency, bio-lift and galvanic treatments and facial lifting techniques as well as utra-cavitation.

According to the company’s representative, this product has been proven safe and effective to use. This has become more in demand due to its better transmission of the temperatures and frequencies. The RadioFrequency gel is designed to offer optimal results, and is also the recommended gel when using many 5 in one RF systems as it contains optimal viscosity.

Daisy Molina, supervisor of CountourSlim Spa, reported that the quality is significantly above standard, specifically where collagen restoration is required, face cannot be washed and this gel can be wiped off with damp cloth without feeling sticky. It is also comparable for cavitation treatments, and after testing proved to be 20-25% better in all treatment procedures.

Similar to the companies who are selling the product, the company claims that it helps in maintaining better calibration in their LED cavitation machines as well as traditional ultra-cavitation systems of all brands. As attested by registered specialists, this product is best in solving anti-aging and body contour techniques.

Product users are urged to take time reading the products procedures in order to ensure safe results. As radio frequency non-surgical procedures increase, having optimal non-invasive anti-aging results is recommended by many experts.

This product is rapidly growing in popularity, and is expected to make its way onto the global market shortly.

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