Radio Frequency ID (RFID): Business Drivers, Business Case Analysis and Business Plan


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2012 -- For many organizations, efficiency, ROI, manageability and performance is primarily dependent on the information retrieval process and the tracking of its products. Although many corporate giants have already implemented RFID Systems, RFID faces some challenges in terms of wide spread adoption. Business process automation provides a series of benefits including reduction of costs related to maintenance and device downtime, increasing incomes through innovative product servicing, and improving customer service through proactive monitoring.

Radio Frequency ID (RFID): Business Drivers, Business Case Analysis and Business Plan provides a everything needed to plan for a business involving RFID including an understanding of the technology, business issues and challenges, business drivers for deployment, business case analysis, and a working business plan. Those seeking assistance formulating their own RFID business plan will find this publication invaluable as it identifies key areas necessary for business planning as well as investor pitch for fund raising purposes.

- Personnel responsible for automating Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Tracking, Fleet Management, Yard/Dock Management and other business processes
- Healthcare management personnel responsible for tracking patients, staff personnel, equipment, inventory, and other critical resources
- Retailers and personnel responsible for merchandise inventory and ordering processes, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Merchandise tracking and fraud prevention
- Companies interested in optimizing their RFID business process strategies for Tracking and Telemetry with a special focus on large scale tracking.
- Venture capitalist and startup companies developing a business plan and/or in need of business plan validation for investor pitch and general budgeting and fund raising purposes"

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