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Allen Vaysberg Releases First Book


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- Allen Vaysberg, host of the "Recalibrate Your Life" radio show, has released his first book "Inspirer: Poetic Observations". The book has been called a "revealing and funny" book of poetry by Jaden Sterling. Not long ago, Allen Vaysberg was a successful IT consultant who had built several multi-million dollar businesses. This led to living the American Dream, but not living a fulfilled life of purpose. That's when Allen decided to pursue the creative passions he had cared for all his life.

Allen had been writing poetry since the age of 11 but only came to realize the true meaning of his efforts when he began down a spiritual path. As he fulfilled his soul's purpose by taking this spiritual path, he began to become aware of how his writing process was always done within what he refers to as a channeled state. His spiritual path has led him to become a Certified Angel Card Reader and an Intuitive certified by Doreen Virtue.

"Inspirer: Poetic Observations" is a book of more than 100 poems in which Allen delves into a life and spiritual focus on subjects of his past, spirituality, doubt, love and creativity. The book represents a culmination of inspiration which can't be put into strict concrete terms.

Much of what Allen Vaysberg is about can be found on his website,, and on his radio show Recalibrate Your Life ( On his radio show he has many guests who bring their own spirituality and story to the mix. But it is his book of poetry, "Inspirer: Poetic Observations", which gets to the essence of Allen Vaysberg.

"Inspirer: Poetic Observations", published by Balboa Press, is available on Amazon by going to

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Allen Vaysberg is an inspirational writer and speaker living in Chicago. He hosts the radio show "Recalibrate Your Life" currently available on

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