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Radium Entertainment Begins Audition for Major Boy Band Production


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2016 -- Radium Entertainment, a leading producer of music media investments, announced today that it is casting for a major boy band production. This five-person music group will be one of Radium's most substantial investments to date, and it is planning to dedicate significant financial resources towards creating one of the top musical acts in the world. The group will be catered towards the teen audience, and will be created through a nation-wide search led by Radium's principals.

Radium recognizes a strong opportunity in the market, as there is currently a lack of boy bands. Historically, the teen marketplace has proven to be able to absorb at least several mega-successful boy bands and additional middle market groups. These bands typically attract a unique dedication from fans, and often become the top artists in the marketplace. With no active American boy bands, and One Direction's recent hiatus, Radium hopes to capitalize on this opportunity by cultivating the world's next top boy band.

About Radium Entertainment
Radium Entertainment is a New York City-based media and entertainment company specializing in the production of recorded music and live events. Radium invests expertise and capital in today's greatest global performers and tomorrow's up-and-coming stars. Its live and recorded productions have been viewed by millions internationally and have taken place at the most prestigious venues on-stage and online, including Madison Square Garden, the Venetian Hotel, the Central Park SummerStage, Broadway, Warner Brothers Television and Red Bull Entertainment. The company's entrepreneurial approach along with its expertise in a variety of business sectors and creative disciplines drive its unique ability to redefine the boundaries of a music company.

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