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Radon Action Week October 20-26th

Radon Action Week attempts to bring the danger of radon gas in the home to the attention of homeowners.


Lansing, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Homeowners face a lot of dangers, from storms and flooding to fire and break ins. However, some dangers are not as obvious as others. That's the purpose of Radon Action Week; to make homeowners aware of the dangers of elevated radon levels in their houses.

What Radon Action Week Covers

Radon Action Week attempts to bring the dangers of radon gas in the home to the attention of homeowners. Radon, though it occurs naturally in the atmosphere and in locations all over the world, can be deadly when it's concentrated. When radon decays, a process that also happens naturally, it becomes a gas that can be deadly in large enough quantities. Radon Action Week talks about this colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that can, if homeowners aren't careful, sneak into their home and poses a serious risk to them and their loved ones.

Get Your Home Tested During Radon Action Week

Radon Action Week lasts from October 20th to October 26th. During Radon Action Week awareness campaigns will bring information that homeowners need to have, including who provides radon testing services that can ensure their home is safe and clear of any toxic levels of this gas. In fact during Radon Action Week there may even be some professionals who are offering deals on testing, or who may even be offering some services for free. It depends on where homeowners are during Radon Action Week, and how their particular communities react to this surprisingly common household danger.

Participating in Radon Action Week

If you want to get involved in Radon Action Week, all you have to do is check and see what programs your community is offering during this little slice of October. While there's plenty of other scary things going on with Halloween ramping up, it's still important to take safety into consideration. If there isn't anything going on where an individual lives for Radon Action Week then it should be brought up to the local government, and to local businesses who have the capacity to test for radon as part of their home services package. Awareness is the key when it comes to Radon Action Week. If people don't know, then Radon Action Week gives them the chance to find out, and to do something about it before it's too late. While Radon Action Week might not be everywhere yet, concerned homeowners can help spread it.

For more details visit: http://radonweek.org/

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Home owners everywhere will likely need to be made aware of the dangers around them during Radon Action Week. Radon is estimated to affect as many as one in fifteen homes in the United States, so it is a particularly widespread problem.