Offers Free Radioactive Hot Particle Testing of Auto and Home Air Filters

Company helps Americans and Canadians understand what, if any, fallout from Fukushima is being deposited in their area.


Gonzales, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- has announced no-cost testing of air filters for radioactive hot particles that continue to rain down on N. America as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan. Anyone can participate by shipping a used air filter to the laboratory. Test results, including a list of any radioisotopes detected and the associated dose rates are returned via email.

After more than one year, the ongoing meltdowns of three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan is renewing concern across N. America about what types and amounts of fallout are still being deposited in our Nation’s fields, lakes and in the air we breathe. While it is already known that the disaster is contaminating the Pacific Ocean food chain from plankton up to larger migratory fish with vast amounts of radioactive materials, scant information is available to the general public on the impact inland.

Are there radioactive ‘hot particles’ floating around in the air in a local area that could be breathed in? What about inside of the home? Without any way to test for local contamination or exposure, many individuals could also be worrying needlessly, especially about minute, non-dangerous, increases over natural background radiation.

If people want to understand what their family has been breathing and what's been getting deposited on the ground and into the water in their local area, they may not need to look any further than the used air filter in their car, home furnace or vacuum cleaner. The small particulate matter that makes up fallout generally gets trapped by these filters making them an excellent collection points for analysis.

Testing and analytical services for the program are provided by KI4U, Inc. of Gonzales, TX. ( Widely regarded as one of the nations most experienced radiological instrument testing and calibration labs, KI4U has instruments, staffing and experience necessary to effectively carry out the testing program.

Each filter will be evaluated using the state-of-the-art radioactive isotope identification and dose rate calibration equipment. Test results, including a list of any isotopes detected, are returned via email approximately 7-14 days after the filters are received. There are no charges associated with the testing or the report.

While participant contact information is kept strictly private, national test results will be reported via an online map as well as weekly via a weekly email newsletter

Participants can acquire full details and a filter tracking code by visiting the website

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KI4U, Inc ( ) is N. America’s largest supplier of potassium iodide (for thyroid protection during nuclear emergencies) to federal, state, county and municipal government agencies, as well as the general public. KI4U supplied over 6 million doses during Fukushima disaster. Far from being a new player in the marketplace, KI4U was founded in the 1990?s.

KI4U maintains an emergency stockpile of over 100,000 radiation detection and measurement instruments ranging in size from key chain fobs to aircraft systems intended for aerial surveys. The company also operates the nation’s singular private sector radiological laboratory with the necessary federal and state licenses, equipment and know-how required to calibrate & re-certify the country’s supply of Civil Defense radiation detection survey meters and dosimeters. KI4U's proposal to re-institute Civil Defense training of the public was voted the #1 best idea at the DHS & FEMA 'National Dialogue on Preparedness' a year before the Fukushima disaster. The firm also produces the popular NukAlert™ key-chain radiation detector & alarm and is the primary source of the new RADSticker™ dosimeter.