Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Sparks Controversy


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- The Rainbow Loom rubber bands refills is incredibly popular with children, but the bracelets made of rubber bands are also causing controversy and have been banned in some schools.

The loom is a low-tech, kid-friendly gadget that sells for under $20 and turns brightly coloured elastics into friendship bracelets.

"It's easy to make and you can make lots of different style and you won't get bored if you do it," said eight-year old Jill Barkley, Rainbow Loom fan.

"I love a toy like this because it's creative. They have to think. Some of these patterns are really complex," said Jill’s mom, Tina Barkley.

Little girls are creating their own designs and posting how-to videos online. Some videos have been viewed as many as 4.5 million times.

Local toy stores are having trouble keeping the Rainbow Loom in stock this holiday season after the toy took off south of the border.