Rainbow Trunk Offers Exact Replicas of the Tolix Products at Amazingly Low Prices


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- In 1907, the 27 year old Xavier Pauchard discovered a technique that would revolutionise the way metal was used everyday. During this time, the widely used material for construction was wood. But the Pauchard’s wanted to use metal. And so they did. But they could never shy away from the constant problem of rusting. Xavier was keen on finding a solution to this. Galvanising! The solution to his problem was just that simple. Dip metal in molten zinc and it shall never rust again.

In 1917, Pauchard drifted away from the construction business and ventured into the making of steel household items and soon registered his trademark symbol as Tolix, the name by which the company is still known.

Tolix stools and chairs became a symbol of their own. The Tolix chair, designed in 1934, was soon seen all over the place, from restaurants and bars to hospitals and houses, everyone owned a Tolix chair or a Tolix stool.

The plummeting success of the Tolix stools and chairs is attributed to the sturdy framework, the light weight, the finish that is resistant to rusting and the holes in the stools and chairs which allow water to be washed away easily. This meant that not only were these perfect for use inside but also great for outside use.

Though most of us might not know the name of the chair or the name of the person who designed it, we are immediately able to recognise a Tolix product when we see one. The company set by Pauchard stayed in the family till 2004. Today, the company produces very few Tolix products and are sold at a very high price.

About Rainbow Trunk
An online store, Rainbow Trunk offers exact replicas of the Tolix products at amazingly low prices. They are all of very high quality and one cannot tell the difference between an original and the replicas available!

Name: Mehr Omar
London, UK