Rainbow Trunk Offers Panton-Chairs at Affordable Prices in 6 Bold Colours


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Not many men have the ability to design and/or build a timeless classic. It takes that perfect combination of genius and talent to make something that will produce ripples for decades. The challenge to design such a product in the furniture world becomes ever so difficult-to design a piece that will be used the world over, by people of all ages.

Many men have treaded that path, designing a piece that is so marvellous that it continues to amaze those who see it. However, there was one man so ahead of his time, that even today, his furniture appears to be futuristic. One of the renowned designers of the 1960s and 1970s, the Danish born Verner Panton curved the ripples in his favour. Panton was a student of architecture, one who loved bright colours and bold designs. His love for designing furniture was manifested when he worked with Arne Jacobsen on the Ant Chair in 1950.

Panton is the pioneer of the pop aesthetic seen in furniture and interior the world over. His interiors have gained a legendary status and his chairs are used everywhere, from offices to homes to bars.

In 1968, Panton produced his most iconic item, the Panton-Chair. A single piece of plastic, moulded to perfection with such finesse that it appears to be a liquid, frozen in time. Though this chair was ahead of its time, everybody understood the impact of such fluid design. The contours of the Panton-Chair have the ability to gently hug your body and provide comfort where one would least expect it. The Panton-Chair has won numerous awards worldwide and is found in many museums of the world. In 1995, this chair was featured on the cover of British Vogue, accented with a beautiful Kate Moss.

About Rainbow Trunk
The original Panton-Chairs are found gracing the presence of museums today., an online retail store, offers high quality replicas of the Panton-Chair, at affordable prices. In 6 bold colours that would make Verner Panton himself smile. Colours include RedGreenBlueOrange and many more! Rainbow Trunk provides its customers with replicas made from the finest plastic, honouring Panton’s legacy by using a single sheet to build each chair.

Name: Mehr Omar
London, UK