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Raised Garden Beds Yield Higher Garden Returns

Clever Garden Supplies US evaluates buying garden beds based on standard factors including UV resistance, chemical issues, product durability, sustainability and ease of set up and use.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- Those who love to garden know how hard it can be, especially getting the garden started.  Clearing an appropriate patch, weeding and getting the soil pH correct takes time and money before the rewards are ready.

“Getting the right raised garden bed can make all of the difference in a home garden.  Fortunately, many options are available depending on several factors for the home gardener,” said Michael Frienders of

Buying a raised garden bed comes down personal choice. lists six different garden beds, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. ranks the six different types of garden beds based on standard factors,  UV resistance, chemical issues, product durability and ease of set up and use.

“We tried to be as subjective as possible in our reviews so customers who are looking to build a raised garden bed will have ample information to make their decisions.  After all, a garden is something that you do annually, so a proper garden bed is essential,” Frienders added.

Of the six types of raised garden beds, three are made of wood and three are made of man-made materials.

Each of the wood raised garden beds are pest-resistant, rust-free and if treated correctly, rot-resistant.  Unfortunately, many times the chemicals used to treat the wood have carcinogens or are poisonous.

“It is our recommendation that you avoid treated timber garden beds for these reasons.  They are also frequently very heavy, so when you put it down, don’t expect to move it,” Frienders said.

The other three types are brick, corrugated metal and plastic.  Each of these are normally better for all around gardening.

“Of course, there are negatives to the man-made raised garden materials, but the positives far outweigh the negatives,” Frienders added.

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