Raisen LLC Launches Website to Aid Singles with Their Online Dating Experience

The online dating business has been growing at an incredible rate in recent years and it's nowhere near to slow down. As the business grows, the number of online dating sites grows proportionally which leads to confusion for the interested parties. In order to solve this problem, the Los Angeles startup Raisen LLC has launched a tool called "Site Match" which is available on the recent launched website This exclusive online tool asks the visitor a few questions and then presents a list of relationship websites according to the answers provided. Site Match is available for free and highly recommended for anyone who wants to be part of an online dating website


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- In 2004 about 40 million Americans used some kind of dating service website and the market generated about US$ 642 million in 2008. The ease of access to the Internet and the advent of smartphones have enabled this growth to escalate at a huge proportion in recent years.

When we think about dating sites we relate ourselves to people who claim to be tall, blonde and blue-eyed with defined body. However, as pointed out by several studies, these personal appearances do not always generate better results. An example of such study was conducted by the online dating OkCupid, which revealed that "the more men disagree about a woman's look, the more they like her."

Thinking on these problems of profile pictures in the dating websites, people who lie to get something (and end up failing) and people who always speak the truth, but who also end up failing, that Raisen LLC launched the website Websites4Dating. The website features informative news about how to properly behave in relationship websites and how to attract more visitors to your profile and therefore succeed in getting to meet someone. The website is not an e-book, nor it sells any product. All the content is available publicly for free.

Choosing a dating site could be quite complicated. There are hundreds of thousands of websites available on the Internet. How to figure it out which one is right for you? Well, until yesterday you would have to manually search the Internet and spend countless hours of research to find the site that best fits you. But with the exclusive tool "Site Match" available only on Websites4Dating picking a dating site has become quite entertaining. With this powerful search tool, dating seekers can find dating sites according to their own interests, which includes: relationship intent, location, age and gender. You can access the powerful "Site Match" tool here

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Raisen LLC is a company focused on developing web and mobile solutions located in Los Angeles, CA. Our latest project is the Websites4Dating.Com . We are known worldwide for the launch of the iPhone app Bluetooth Mono.

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