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Men with Depression Have Low Libido and Low Self Esteem


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- Depression is one of the most common causes of low libido in men. The consequences of depression are not just limited to low libido but their roots are much deeper than you could imagine. A recent survey conducted by “Sarthak India”, a well known Non Governmental Organization in India working for Sexual Education and HIV awareness, concluded that more than 80% of the young adult men in India are not satisfied with their penis size and out of these, half of the men were known cases of anxiety and depression. When a medical examination was done on these men, they were found to be having a normal size. So, what does this signify? It’s a clear cut indication that depressed male patients have low self esteem and they do not feel confident about themselves. When it comes to their sexual behaviour the condition worsens even more.

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According to Dr Zaidi, Medical director at Rajshahi healthcare and chief of online operations at My Sex Clinic, half of the patients coming to our OPD are those having primary complaint of a small penis size. And surprisingly more than half of them have a normal organ size which is required for successful intercourse. These patients do not require a penis enlargement treatment but a full psychological assessment is required.

Research has revealed that sexual performance is greatly associated with a person's mental state. A person with psychological problems like depression and anxiety is often more prone to develop low libido and other sexual problems,. Men with depression also complain of having a reduction in penis size. This can be attributed to the fact that a depressed patient has a tower plasma testosterone levels as compared to a person without depression. For such patients a combined therapy of psychological counseling and ayurvedic treatment works best.

Recently Rajshahi Healthcare has developed Xtra Large Penis Enlargement Pills, a very popular herbal supplement for penis enlargement and growth. As claimed by their official website a 3 months course is required to achieve the desired results. They claim to have successfully treated more than a million men with small penis size. They also have their own resident psychologists who work hand in hand with the ayurvedic doctors in cases where depression is the culprit and full psychological monitoring is required.

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According to Dr Zaidi, this kind of set up provides the best combined treatment under one roof and yields the best results.

The Xtra Large male enhancement capsules have been designed to help men worldwide increase their penis size permanently. The Xtra Large Capsules if fortified with natural ingredients that enlarge the size of blood vessels in the penis. A larger volume of blood helps increase the penis tissue. All these ingredients help in the formation of Nitrous Oxide, a natural substance that helps men to have a stronger erection.

Treatments for depression and anxiety are often neglected in patients with small penis size and often the treatment yields no positive results. Therefore most of the times increasing the size of the penis is viewed with fear and many men resign. Everyday life, problems at work and all the excitement most men live with, affects their sexual performance in bed.

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