PR Agency Introduced Eco-Friendly Electric Bike Products for City Commuters


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- For many city commuters, skyrocketing fuel price and traffic jam are a pain in the neck. recently introduced a whole new range of e-scooters and e-bikes for the average city commuters. The manufacturer of electric bike has claimed that the electric vehicles are the future of private transport and they will soon replace the traditional fuel-powered bikes and scooters. Besides, the e-bikes introduced by the manufacturer are stylish, more cost-saving and highly useful for travelling through narrow lanes and alleys. e-bikes and e-scooters promise a more effortless and more comfortable biking experience for commuters. On the other hand, these bikes are lightweight (kerb weight is 16 kilograms). The manufacturers have claimed that the bikes can be run at a top speed of 35 kilometres per hour. These bikes have lesser, and almost negligible impacts on the environment compared to traditional bikes and scooters. electric scooter products will also put an end to the problem of parking, the manufacturers have claimed. online bike store now displays electric bikes and e-scooters as well as parts and accessories compatible with the same. One can find really cheap and trendy electronic bikes by visiting the site. “Aside from the environment-friendly aspects, daily commuters will also find these bikes highly useful for daily commuting as these are space-saving and parking these vehicles won’t be a big problem for them. Besides, an electric bike or scooter runs on brushless motor, a powerful motor engineered by us to make these two-wheelers fit for long-distance travel. However, these are ideal for inter-city commuting. These mass-produced vehicles have quite a few advantages over the traditional ones, including being environmentally friendly and being fuel-efficient as well” said the chief engineer of

“The sheer excitement of riding a bicycle, the wind blowing through your hair, the rapid acceleration and everything that biking means can be felt by riding an electric scooter or bike as well. At the same time, one can show his responsibility towards the environment by using these e-bikes. We are quite hopeful that people will ditch their old bikes and buy these electric bikes in exchange”, commented the owner of

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