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Raleigh Audiology Clinic First of Its Kind to Offer Self-Administered Hearing Test


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Can you hear me now? Good! Now Hear This® audiology clinic in Raleigh is excited to announce that is the first and only clinic in the U.S. to now offer a special new hearing test that can be self-administered.

Hearing loss is one of the top 3 health problems in the US. There are approximately 36 million people affected by hearing loss and it is not always related to the aging process.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a form of hearing loss that results from listening to sounds at high decibel levels. Anything above 85 decibels, such as concerts, sporting events and fireworks can be dangerous to hearing health when exposed to at length.

Unfortunately, because of the stigma attached to hearing loss only affecting the elderly, many people do not get their hearing checked until it becomes a major problem. Self-administered hearing tests make it more convenient for individuals.

These self-administered hearing tests can be performed privately and comfortably in the Now Hear This clinic location in Raleigh off of Creedmoor Road. An HTS mobile unit will also be available for employers and nursing homes to have brought to their facility or office for group hearing tests.

HTS mobile units are capable of testing up to 24 people per hour. Audiologists are able to help individuals understand their hearing test results post-testing.

If you suspect that you (or a loved one) are showing signs of hearing loss, contact Now Hear This® Audiology Clinic at 919-256-2891 or online at to learn more about self-administered hearing tests and to schedule an appointment. Nursing homes and senior living facilities are also encouraged to call and setup a date for a mobile hearing test unit to be offered at their location.

About Now Hear This®
Now Hear This® is an audiology office and hearing aid center in Raleigh. They have a full-time certified audiologist on staff to help with your hearing loss problems and concerns. Their office is located at 4701 Creedmoor Road, Suite 111 in Raleigh, North Carolina and can be reached at 919-256-2898 or online at