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Raleigh Bondsman Advises Families to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Raleigh bail bond provider, Holmes Bail Bonds advises families on how to stay safe during "DUI Season."


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- There are more DUI and DWI related arrests during the week of Thanksgiving than any other holiday in the year. In fact, between 1998- 2008, officials said there was an average of 572 alcohol-related deaths throughout the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday season. Hence, the winter holidays are commonly referred to as “DUI Season” by police and legal officials.

Holmes Bail Bonding in Raleigh wants to remind families to take every precaution this holiday season. Don’t drink and drive. Stay alive.

The ramifications of drunk driving are life-changing. And for repeat offenders, the consequences are even worse. Jail, even a small 30 day stint, will most likely be a requirement of the arrest. What’s worse? Repeat offenders and some first-timers (depending on the severity of the charge and if there are multiple charges with the DUI) will wait in jail until they meet a judge to determine their sentence.

To avoid being in jail during this time, individuals can call for a bail bond, which would allow them to spend the time before sentencing with their family and friends in the comfort of their own home.

DUI and DWIs are serious charges and should not be taken lightly. But you also shouldn’t spend time in jail that does not count towards your sentence.

While drunk driving is prominent during the holidays, it still affects lives all over the country, throughout the entire year. More individuals are arrested for DUI/DWI charges than anything else, especially in North Carolina.

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