Pedogogy LLC

Raleigh Dog Training Center Grand Opening on July 12th


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Raleigh’s newest dog training center Pedogogy, LLC, is excited to announce its grand opening on July 12th! It will be held from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at its location at 5710 Capital Boulevard, Suite A.

The dog training offered by Pedogogy is only positive and reward-based. Trainer Jen Hendrickson doesn’t allow the use of choke chains, prong/pinch collars, or shock/”training” collars. She doesn’t believe in training the dogness out of dogs. She believes dogs should be well behaved, but it’s okay for them to roll in the grass, sniff bushes, and chase squirrels.

Pedogogy’s facility offers 1,500 square feet of training space for group dog training classes. Classes at Pedogogy are small, a maximum of 6 dogs in most classes. As a former teacher, Jen understands that optimal learning takes place in smaller classes where one-on-one attention can be given and individual needs addressed. Pedogogy is the only Raleigh dog training facility that offers opportunities to try out enrichment activities, such as agility equipment and puzzle toys, without having to commit to a class. Jen offers one-on-one dog training at Wake County homes as well.

Client Phyllis Darwin of Raleigh praises Jen’s training style: “I was very worried that nothing could be done to help my dog and me; Jen Hendrickson was the answer to my prayers.” She continues “My dog had been quarantined for biting someone at the end of 2013. Jen quickly recognized the major issue was that Patches was an extremely fearful dog and that I had to give him more guidance. She made suggestions to help Patches get more accustomed to everyday life (such as knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell throughout the day) without going into his Cujo mode. She saved Patches.”

A guiding principle for Pedogogy’s services is that dogs are our companions, members of our family, our best friends, and they deserve our utmost respect and love. Come out on July 12th and see how Jen can help you and your best friend.

About Pedogogy, LLC.
Pedogogy provides group dog training classes, on-site and at-home one-on-one lessons, enrichment activities, and opportunities to discuss various dog-related issues through lecture series, book discussions, and movies. Pedogogy is not only a dog training center in Raleigh but also an education center, whose purpose is to educate owners on positive ways to train and care for their dogs, to teach responsible pet ownership, and to raise awareness of dog-welfare issues. For more information contact Jen at 919-441-7298 or visit her online at