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Ram Jack South Carolina Exposes Warning Signs of Home Foundation Problems

A full foundation damage evaluation is the first step to ensuring the structural integrity of a property, says leading Charleston foundation repair company Ram Jack.


Charleston, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- One of South Carolina’s lead Charleston foundation repair companies, Ram Jack recently released information on how to spot common warning signs of foundation damage. Once spotted, Ram Jack explains foundation damage needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. If foundation damage isn’t repaired quickly it will spread and intensify, potentially creating serious structural problems for the building it appears on.

Ram Jack explains the first place foundation can be spotted is within the interior of a house. Foundation damage makes itself known within the interior of a house through misaligned doors and windows, any sort of sloping of the floors, cracks in the sheetrock, doors and windows that stick, and cracks in the floor (whether wood, stone or tile).

Next foundation damage will become apparent in basements. Ram Jack writes that, within a basement, foundation damage will be apparent when basement walls are leaning in or bowing out, when water appears to be intruding in the basement (with or without rainfall), and if the walls demonstrate cracking.

Building exterior can also showcase foundation damage as well. Exterior expressed foundation damage is obvious when there are visible cracks in bricks or cracks in the foundation itself, when boards are cracking or pulling away, and when gaps begin to appear around the seams of doors and windows.

Finally, foundation damage also often appears in garages according to Ram Jack. Signs that your garage suffers from foundation damage include cracked brick and stone, walls that are rotating out or otherwise misshapen, and a separation between walls and the garage door.

As Ram Jack South Carolina discusses, many of these signs are common in homes and always need to be taken seriously as potential suggestions of serious structural damage. Performing a routine check of a home’s interiors, exteriors, basement and garage is an essential way to ensure the longevity of a building’s structural integrity and to take the first step toward implementing effective Charleston foundation repair.

Ram Jack South Carolina is a family owned business serving its communities with foundation repair evaluations and implementations since 1968. Ram Jack has been instrumental in creating and utilizing new technologies to provide the most effective Charleston foundation repair and Columbia foundation repair services available.

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