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Rancher Clint Rhoton Shares Plans to Raise Prime Beef on the Hoof at 3 Echoes Ranch


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Clint Rhoton, a former rancher, recently announced his plans to start a new farm, 3 Echoes Ranch. The ranch, one of his lifelong dreams, will offer the local population access to some of the highest-quality beef on the market.

“We plan on raising beef to supply locally,” said Rhoton. “To have people buy from us an animal that they know where it was raised, how it was raised, and know it will feed and nourish them—while at the same time be the highest quality, best tasting steak and burger they can sink their teeth into—would be a great accomplishment for us. We would also be supporting the local economy at the same time.”

According to Rhoton’s Indiegogo page, the rancher is now raising money to begin 3 Echoes Ranch. At this time, Rhoton’s goal is to raise $1.5 million by March 10, 2014. He plans to use this money for two main reasons: to procure a ranch near Lewiston, Montana; and buy and raise Angus cattle crossed with Hereford, a species that was bred for better frame and growth. Rhoton also wants purchase equipment for the ranch; he plans to make a small tractor—for moving hay and light maintenance—among his first purchases. 3 Echoes Ranch will be family owned and operated.

In exchange for contributing to his Prime Beef On The Hoof campaign, Rhoton is offering his donators a wide variety of perks. For example, backers who pledge $500 will receive the gift of steak—from an online company—that will show the type of beef that Rhoton and his team intends to raise; donating $5,000 qualifies the donator to visit the ranch when it is operational. However, Rhoton and his team welcome donations of any amount.

Individuals interested in learning more about Rhoton and his plans for 3 Echoes Ranch can visit the rancher’s Indiegogo page for additional information. Rhoton also encourages visitors to spread the word about his project through word-of-mouth and Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

About Clint Rhoton
Clint Rhoton, a rancher in Montana, was born and raised in Texas. He has lived and worked on ranches alongside his family for almost all of his life. Rhoton plans to use 3 Echoes Ranch, a family venture, to raise beef for the local supply. For more information, please visit http://igg.me/p/639786/x/5994770