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Rand Spear, the Accident Lawyer, Gives Insight on Staggering Car Crash Toll in America


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- A new study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that car crashes cost $871 billion a year. This total takes into account $277 billion in economic costs and $594 billion in societal harm due to the loss of a life or the decrease in quality of life causes by injuries sustained from accidents. Most of the damage is accounted is caused by speeding, DUI and distracted driving. Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer, has to deal with victims of auto accidents on a daily basis at his Philadelphia and New Jersey offices.

Attorney Spear understands that a car accident can leave individuals with serious concerns about their future, however with his legal assistance; these individuals do not have to let a car accident go by without a fight for the proper financial compensation. According to Attorney Spear, not too many individuals involved in a car accident realize the full potential of medical benefits and funds they may be entitled to, which is why he offers a personalized legal service that guides clients through the entire legal process. Many of the clients he serves have been affected on the road by speeding, or distracted and drunk drivers, three of the main causes of the staggering car crash toll.

21% of the total economic loss accounted for in the study comes from car crashes involving vehicles that exceed the speed limit. Speeding, and going too fast during inclement conditions are responsible for $210 billion of the societal harm. Drunk driving accounted for 18% of the total economic loss from car accidents, costing the nation $49 billion. Distracted drivers were responsible for $129 billion of the overall societal harm.

Like Attorney Spear, many experts have a similar mission to tackle these issues and make their world a safer place. Individuals who have been affected by an automobile accident can contact Rand Spear, The Accident Lawyer, for a free consultation by calling 855-LAW-9920.

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