Randal Spence a Local Entrepreneur Offers the World a New Symbol of Environmental Responsibility

Introducing Earth Mom, A New Force of Nature. Earth Mom consists of a new social media icon designed to take any eco-concerned prospect directly to a company’s environmental statement.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2017 -- As a practice, Spence insists that anyone he does business with, offer a posted eco-policy on their website for anyone to read. A link on his website EarthMom.Org called "What's Your Policy", outlines a strict practice he has had in place for a few years. He claims, "When everyone decides to join me in adopting this simple policy, our world can quickly begin to change for the better."

Most Fortune 500 companies have already posted eco-policy statements leaving 95% of all other business entities lacking any kind of environmental commitment. One day soon, this lack of a posted policy will become a huge embarrassment for companies who have yet to address this inconsistency. To be fair, for any company lacking either an eco-policy or a homepage, Spence is willing to offer a policy, a page and an icon totally free thus removing any excuse for any company in not making a simple written commitment to protecting the planet.

Spence feels that all pollution stems from the questionable practices on the part of global commerce throughout history, to place profits in front of environmental concerns. His solution offers us all a simple means of rewarding eco-friendly companies who are willing to publish their eco-practices for all to see. His contention is "we need a simple means to help us spend our dollars more diligently. Asking any company to post and maintain an eco-policy statement is not asking too much if they want my business."

Major celebrities who once were embarrassed when their third world sweat shop suppliers were exposed are going to have deal with a whole new level of concern when these very same suppliers located around the world are asked about their ongoing eco-friendly practices. Spence is counting on celebrity participation as he launches his new endeavor on Indiegogo. Recent participation at a 59th Annual Grammys hospitality suite, was met with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Spence proposes to employ the use smartphone app technology to offer the public direct access to eco-friendly sources and provide new opportunity to decide whom they may wish to reward with their business. By using our pocketbooks to support the most eco-friendly service providers and manufacturers, our combined purchasing power can quickly bring immense pressure for change.

Spence's favorite quote: "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible". Translation: Collectively, we have to change our culture. The easiest way is to put into place an effective system to begin rewarding those entities whom are openly committed to protecting the environment. We can then begin to make great strides in weeks and months on behalf of the planet, instead of depending upon our government to enact fair and effective legislation that can take years and even decades to accomplish very little. Rewarding the global marketplace with our collective spending is the most efficient, peaceful, direct, resolute and uncompromising force to effectively harness for proliferating our cause.

Many people feel this new program is clearly a game changer. Spence feels simplicity is going to be the key. His program is devised very simply for anyone to be able to reward those who commit to exhibiting good environmental behavior. If we can train a dog to behave by waving a biscuit, imagine how fast we can train a business to behave by waving our billfolds. To read more about how you, your company or organization can become better stewards of our environment, be sure to log on for information on how to best participate.

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