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Randex Ltd. Offers the Highest Quality Filing Carousels Designed for Storage of File Folders


Finchley, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2020 -- Offices require an adequate space to store their files for proper storage and retrieval of files. If you don't have a proper space, it can cause many issues such as difficult storage and retrieval, clustering, dangerous situations, etc. There are two ways to store files: manual and automatic. Though manual storage solutions are efficient at the same time they can be a time consuming and tedious task. Therefore, many offices prefer to use automatic storage and retrieval systems. A filing carousel is an excellent choice for an automatic system as it allows for retrieval of files with a touch of a button.

Randex Ltd. is a well renowned provider of commercial storage solutions that offers filing carousels designed for storage of file folders. The carousels can be used for a wide range of purposes, ranging from storing engineering parts to high volume picking within distribution centres. The ergonomically designed carousels provide operators with more space compared to other file storage systems. By allowing users to access files at the touch of a button, the carousels eliminate any manual fatigue due to the effort required.

Randex Ltd. is one of the most renowned providers of storage solutions in the industry. The company has a team of skilled professionals who work closely with the clients to understand their requirements in detail, in order to provide them with amazing products. The organization offers sourcing, delivery, installation, moves and repairs for each of their storage solutions. In addition to filing carousels, the organisation also offers other storage solutions including compact lift, compact twin, compact double, Times-2®, mobile shelving, static shelving and more.

Talking about their filing carousels, a representative from the company stated, "Designed for storage of file folders, the Randex automated vertical filing carousel, is now used for a wide variety of media found in the office environment. In addition, all types of small parts from electronic components to optical lenses can also be stored in an ergonomically correct, highly productive manner. The Randex automated vertical filing carousel is still the most productive equipment available for this purpose."

About Randex Ltd.
Randex Ltd provides storage and retrieval systems ranging from simple filing systems to fully automated storage systems to satisfy a wide and varied customer base. All their systems are designed to allow customers to retrieve products or information as quickly as possible in a controlled environment. Randex Ltd design solutions offer in-depth assessment of current practices, fully costed proposals with detailed benefits, Project Management and implementation. They also offer full after sales service helping clients get the most out of their investment and build long term partnerships.

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