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Random Nest Reveals Their Tea and Culture Journey and Purpose


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2017 -- As a group of tea lovers, the team behind the concept of the unique tea and art boutique Random Nest wanted to share their story. Coming from a place where team holds a strong cultural significance, the minds behind Random Nest want to combine the simple pleasure drinking of tea, with art and culture, along with a sense of fulfillment which can only be achieved through helping those in need. Their aim is to not only provide a unique and enjoyable experience to their customers but also help support and encourage the global tea farmers and producers and budding artists. The founder of Random Nest, Astha Saini explained "Random Nest is our unending quest to do more and give more. Tea and Art are an essence of our culture. As much as they belong together, they are often seen singular on shelves. This is our humble attempt to bring the two together, and fill you with an exciting mental appetite. And as you do that, we want to leave you with a satisfying feeling of gratitude.

Tea is grown in different regions around the world, and also, drinking is part of many cultures globally, Random Nest is a place that celebrates tea by allowing their customers to sample teas from around the world while they tickle their senses and gaze at the wonderment of true human expression on the Random Nest Art Wall, which features a collection of art from upcoming talented artists. The art featured on the Art Wall will also be up for sale at

Customers of the Random Nest will also unravel ways in which they can give simply back with pride, to charities that are helping other improve their lives. Astha further added, "All the purchase made on Random Nest, tea or art, contribute a certain percentage to Going to School organization and a local homeless outreach program, Hands and Feet, a ministry to the home free in San Diego. With Random Nest we want to make giving back as easy as it should be, and leave each of our customer with a feeling of delight and happiness."

About Random Nest
Random Nest is a unique tea and art boutique.

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