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Random Ramblings of an Old Geezer: New Book Tells One Man's Memories of the 'Good Old Days Gone By'.

As one of ten children, Raymond C. Evans had a backwoods upbringing that was very different from the life most enjoy today. Having moved from trade to trade, all while earning little money, Evans learned to enjoy the small pleasures that money can’t buy. His story is now wrapped up within 250 pages of real-life adventure, in his new book.


Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- With almost eighty years of rich experiences, Raymond C. Evans will openly admit that life wasn’t always easy. Yet, Evans’ life has been so fulfilling that he is sharing his experiences in his new book, ‘Random Ramblings of an Old Geezer: Memories of the Good Old days Gone By’.

The book, written in short story format, covers life from the early 1800s to the present. Packed with good humor and fascinating insights, ‘Random Ramblings’ shares the many adventures and quips that Evans has enjoyed during his almost eighty years of busy life.

With sentimental reminiscence of his childhood, which took place deep in the backwoods of the Giant Redwood Country in Northern California, being one of ten children wasn’t easy. Moving into adulthood, Evans tells many a tale of working as a redwood logger and within many other trades, including a stint on the Alaska Pipeline.

“I have always worked steady, yet never had a steady job,” says Evans, who is now retired in Washington State.

He continues, “While my life’s work may not have been steady, it was always fun and full of adventure. This kind of life is very different from the easy ride people have today. We worked hard, but the adventures we gained were worth it.”

At its heart, the book takes a trip back to the life of the author’s Great Grandparents, both Swiss immigrants. It tells their gripping story of progression and courage, coupled with the heroic tale of Evans’ Grandfather serving in the Civil War of the 1860s.

“If I think I had it tough, they had it twice as hard. For all of us, while we never figured out how to make easy money, our lives were crammed full of all of the great things that money can’t buy,” Evans adds.

“I wrote this book to inform people in an amusing and entertaining way. It was written to encourage others to tell their life story, and to remember that they too, have an interesting tale to tell.”

In short, Evans’ inspiring stories brings history to life, and empowers the reader to value his or her own personal journey.

Random Ramblings of an Old Geezer: Memories of the Good Old days Gone By, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available now from Amazon.com. Buy Kindle version

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.oldgeezerbooks.com

About the Author: Raymond C. Evans
Raymond C. Evans is retired and spends his time making yard art from recycled materials, and writing books. He has written six books so far, and is always working on more.

He lives in Washington State with the love of his life, Joy.