Randy A. Parham, D.D.S.

Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. Launches Campaign for Awareness of Poor Dental Health Impact

Fort Worth dentist extends physical and financial availability of care to patients


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Despite overwhelming evidence indicating a link between poor dental health and increased risk of numerous medical conditions, more than 40 percent of Americans admit they avoid visiting the dentist due to lack of insurance. Of the 57 percent currently covered by a dental policy, approximately half state they avoid procedures beyond routine cleanings because of uncertainty regarding the extent of their dental coverage. With this in mind, a spokesperson for Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. has launched the local dental practice's campaign to heighten public awareness of the negative impact of failure to receive necessary dental care.

The spokesperson explained, "When it comes to brushing and flossing, even the most conscientious people can miss certain areas of their teeth and gums. This leaves behind harmful bacteria to grow and multiply, leading to gingivitis or periodontitis. While these conditions cause bleeding gums, oral pain, loss of teeth and declining jaw bone mass, they also pave the way for many serious illnesses. As a family dentist in Fort Worth, Dr. Parham can detect and treat gum disease in its earliest stages, helping to combat many of the potential effects."

Studies indicate gum disease in its advanced stages doubles the risk of developing coronary artery disease. Although the reason is still largely debated, many researchers believe excess bacteria stemming from periodontitis infiltrate the bloodstream. Expanded concentration of bacteria causes inflammation of the arteries to ensue. Combined with the characteristic arterial restriction associated with CAD, this infection leads to the formation of blood clots, which also generates a greater risk of heart attacks.

Oral infections have also been associated with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Sinal cavities are interconnected with the teeth and jaw bones; therefore, bacteria hold the potential to enter cranial nerves via the sinuses, spreading to the brain. Promoting similar inflammation to that of the coronary arteries, this can restrict blood flow to the brain, contributing to increased risk of developing dementia. This issue also creates a greater risk of stroke.

A link between diabetes and periodontal disease has also been found. The two conditions are believed to be reciprocal to an extent. Those with diabetes are more prone to infection, causing normal bacteria to affect them to a greater degree than it would others; likewise, dry mouth often accompanying uncontrolled blood sugar promotes oral bacterial growth. While ensuring blood sugar is regulated helps reduce bacteria, keeping gum disease in check can thwart infections caused by bacteria that are present.

Concluded the practice's spokesperson, "We offer an array of payment options for those concerned about the cost of treatment. Many are unaware of Care Credit, which acts as a credit card to cover health care needs. Unlike traditional credit cards, interest does not accrue on medical procedures as long as payment terms are met. We also use Insurance Answers Plus, a program designed to provide information on countless insurance plans for patients who are unsure of which procedures their policies will cover. Anyone concerned about appearance following tooth extractions may be interested in our cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth services, including veneers, dental implants and other aesthetic procedures."

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Through use of the latest technology and techniques, Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. provides patients with a range of dental care options, including cleanings, extractions, fillings, gum disease treatments and teeth whitening in Fort Worth, to name a few. The goal of his practice is to ensure patients receive the care they need without being limited by financial concerns.