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Randy Charach Appears on HLN News Now to Explain How People Can Get What They Want in 2014


Vancouver, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Celebrity entertainer Randy Charach, the mentalist famous for his unique style of performance that combines stand-up comedy with psychic entertainment, is pleased to announce that he recently appeared on an HLN (formerly CNN Headline News) television news program where he offered advice on how people can get what they want in 2014.

Drawing on his expert knowledge of human behavior and psychology, Randy Charach answered viewers’ questions about how to find true love, be more successful in their careers, and overcome the struggle of trying to lose weight. Randy Charach believes that people have the power to make lasting, positive changes in their lives when the desire to change comes from their initial thought process, self-confidence and acceptance.

Known as the “world’s funniest psychic,” Randy Charach tours the country and the world, delivering unforgettable performances that are sure to dazzle audience members through the insight they provide into human behavior. Randy Charach’s shows involve heavy participation from the audience, allowing everyone to experience Randy’s extraordinary ability to predict specific details about peoples’ lives based on a very limited amount of information. “It was fun going up on stage and actually having him read into something I never thought he could,” a testimonial on the Randy Charach website noted.

Randy Charach has been performing and entertaining ever since he learned his first magic trick at age 5 from his uncle, a renowned Las Vegas magician. Randy began his professional career at age 17 and has given more than five thousand performances in famous venues across the United States and the world, including the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas, Club Med resorts in Mexico and the Bahamas, hotels in Hawaii, corporate and public events in Shanghai and Singapore, and cruise ships in Australia and the Caribbean.

Anyone who would like to witness Randy Charach’s unique style of entertainment is invited to visit his website, where people can learn about opportunities to see him live, book private or corporate events, view Randy Charach reviews from past shows, and find information about the types of performances he offers.

Because Randy Charach does not claim to possess any real supernatural psychic abilities, instead relying on the power of perception to gain insight into the human mind, he enjoys revealing scams from people who allegedly have true psychic powers. The Randy Charach scams portion of the website explains many of the techniques psychics use to trick people into believing they have the ability to read minds.

About Randy Charach
Randy Charach has been described as an actor who portrays the role of a psychic. Off stage, he exposes psychic scams and is well reviewed for his unique brand of comedy entertainment. He lives in Vancouver, Canada and travels internationally as a headline performer and to make guest television appearances. For more information, please visit www.randycharach.com.